5 Reasons To Shop Local For Supplements (And Avoid Purchasing Online)

September 7, 2018

By Campbell's Nutrition

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In the age of convenience, it’s easy to access hundreds of products with a few clicks. But, with this convenience also comes confusion and seemingly endless information to sort through. At Campbell’s Nutrition, we have experienced staff ready to help you find the best supplements to help you live your healthiest life. Here are a few benefits we see of shopping local and in person. 

#1 Shopping Local Is Good For You And Your Community

Shopping local benefits local economy, securing jobs in your community.  Research shows contact and interaction with others elicits a sense of community, limiting the sense of isolation.  It also prevents compulsive purchases and promotes more face time (human contact!) and less screen time.

#2 Online Purchasing Is A Gamble

Purchasing online through a third party distributor can boast big discounts – but at what cost?  Is the item a short-dated product (about to expire)?  Is it damaged or worse – is it a knockoff?  With a local purchase, you know it’s sourced directly from the manufacturer or a reputable local distributor.

#3  Trust The Experts

Campbell’s has been locally owned operated for 80 years (the last 30 by the same woman!) Campbell’s knows our stuff, vetting the companies and doing the research – saving you the time and the worry. 

#4 Cheaper Is Not Necessarily Better 

Almost all of our products are backed by clinical research, making available therapeutic dosages with ethically sourced ingredients.  We don’t deal with proprietary ingredients or companies that are not upfront about their sourcing or utilize dubious manufacturing practices.

#5 You Can’t Dialogue With Your Smartphone (Though Some Try…)

Our staff knows our products and our customers. When you shop local, you get to dialogue with an expert in the field about your specific needs. We act as an intelligent database that no algorithm can replicate and offer human caring and concern for your well being.
Next time you’re in, say hi! We’d love to chat with you about your health questions and goals. We stock all-natural, clean supplements and our staff has decades of experience.
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