Green tea and zinc support gut and kidney health

November 30, 2022

By admin

Green tea extract reduced blood sugar, gut inflammation

A healthy digestive tract allows nutrients to pass through its walls into the bloodstream, but blocks potentially harmful substances such as non-nutritive particles from passing through. In certain conditions such as celiac disease, the gut becomes too permeable, allowing harmful substances through, a condition called leaky gut.

This study included 40 participants, half with metabolic syndrome, who took a placebo or a gummy providing 890 mg of green tea catechins: equal to about five cups of green tea, per day. The groups switched placebo and green tea after 28 days. Doctors asked everyone to follow a diet low in polyphenols —an anti-inflammatory component in green tea.

During the green tea phases, fasting blood sugar levels fell significantly in healthy participants and those with metabolic syndrome. Lower levels of pro-inflammatory proteins in fecal samples signaled lower levels of gut inflammation. Doctors said lowering blood sugar appears to be related to decreasing leaky gut and gut inflammation.

Reference: Current Developments in Nutrition; 2022, Vol. 6, Supplement 1, 981

Zinc reduces diabetic kidney damage

People with diabetes are more likely to be deficient in zinc, a factor present in kidney disease. This study covered 60 participants, half of whom were healthy, and half with diabetic kidney disease, a condition called diabetic nephropathy (DN). Doctors measured zinc levels and antioxidant activity to discover differences between the groups.

Compared to healthy participants, those with DN had significantly lower levels of zinc and lower levels of a protein that regulates antioxidant activity in the body: nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (NRF2). Those with low zinc levels also had higher diastolic blood pressure. Some of those with DN had sufficient levels of zinc, and their condition was less severe than those with DN who had lower levels of zinc.

Reference: Nutrition & Diabetes; 2022, Vol. 12, Article No. 37

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