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Local Vendor Highlight: Mariya, Creator of Catknot

January 30, 2024

By Campbell's Nutrition

Mariya, creator of Catknot, began knitting 14 years ago as a hobby.

“Living alone in a foreign country can be lonely at times, so knitting was one thing I picked that stuck with me for all these years,” said Mariya. “I never would have thought that one day I would be selling what I make to people I don’t know.”

Today, Mariya makes a variety of knitted and sewn products, including reusable market bags, weighted eye pillows, and neck wraps.

All of Mariya’s creations are made with quality materials in mind. Catknot reusable market bags are made with certified organic cotton. The weighted eye pillows—intended to relieve stress and anxiety, sinus pressure, headaches, and more—are made with organic flax seeds, organic flower buds, and organic essential oils. The eye pillows also feature a washable cover made from natural fibers.

Mariya’s latest piece, a weighted neck wrap, is also made with sustainability and comfort in mind. “You could have a great zen experience if you warm/freeze it,” adds Mariya. “It’s weighted perfectly, so It’s comforting and relaxing and eases the muscles.”

Are you interested in Catknot products? Visit either Campbell’s store location to browse her collection.

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