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Resveratrol and Fiber Improve Life and Health During Menopause

April 29, 2021

By Campbell's Nutrition

Resveratrol reduces pain, improves QOL in menopause

Doctors think some of the discomforts of menopause come from declining levels of estrogen. In two earlier, shorter studies, resveratrol—a phytoestrogen—improved pain and feelings of well-being in postmenopausal women. In this longer-term third arm of the study, 125 healthy postmenopausal women took a placebo or 75 mg of resveratrol twice daily, in alternating, 12-month phases.

Compared to the placebo phase, during the resveratrol phase, women reported 18 percent less pain from age-related osteoarthritis and improved quality of life.

Commenting on the findings, doctors said “Within the same study, we observed fewer hot flushes, night sweats, heart discomfort, sleep problems, and muscle and joint discomfort with resveratrol. Although we don’t know the cause of chronic pain in postmenopause, we believe declining estrogen levels may be a factor.”

Reference: Menopause; 2020, Vol. 28, No. 1, 40-9

Fiber decreases pre- and post-menopausal breast cancers

In this review of 19 studies covering 1,994,910 pre- and post-menopausal women, total fiber in the diet was linked to an 8 percent decrease in the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Soluble fiber reduced chances by 10 percent, and insoluble fiber appeared to reduce chances by 7 percent.

Discussing the findings, Harvard University epidemiological research scientist, Maryam S. Farvid, PhD, said, “Our study contributes to the evidence that lifestyle factors, such as modifiable dietary practices, may affect chances of breast cancer. Our findings provide research evidence supporting the American Cancer Society dietary guidelines, emphasizing the importance of a diet rich in fiber, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.”

Reference: ACS Cancer Journal; 2020, 32816, Published Online

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